How it all started

What is Stippling?

"The art or process of drawing, painting, or engraving using numerous small dots or specks."

Stippling is a method of shading that's recently exploded in popularity amongst artists of all walks. It is, essentially, drawing with thousands of dots. Each individual dot needs to be hand poked, or else it's not technically stippling, it would then become pointillism if dots were made in groups. It is by far my favorite shading method, and the art pieces can even pass 1,000,000 dots.

Interested in a custom art piece?

Custom requests are something I accept on the side. I offer digital drawings, digital paintings, and hand-stippled bristol pieces. There is no set timeline for these pieces, and pricing is dependent on size, detail, time, and style. There are a lot of variables that go into making a custom art piece, so you'll need to be thorough in your request.