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Welcome, my name is Alexander Lane.

Photographing weddings since August 2017. Tattooing professionally since February 2022. I started BlackFern Collective to mesh all of my creative outputs into one large creative business. BlackFern is a gift to you and to my community, with the goal of preserving our time through art.

More About me
Our work lasts you a lifetime

The Permanence of what we do.

There are few modern art forms with more significance than ours. Tattoos, when done well, last the carrier a lifetime - they are forever attached to the tattoo that is created for them. A tattoo, "meaningful" or not, is a reflection of one's self, an expression of one's identity. Whereas, with wedding photography, the art is the moment you create. We just capture it. The love and energy between the couple and that which radiates from the crowd - that's the art.

So, you're looking for a tattoo.

Currently, I am stationed at Epic Ink, 435 S Buchanan St, Edwardsville, IL. If you would like to book an appointment with me, please reach out to me through email by clicking the button below.

At Epic Ink, we only book appointments in person. However, you are encouraged to reach out to me beforehand to make sure the tattoo you are looking to get fits my style/skillset.

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"Alex was wonderful to work with from start to finish. He listened to all of our ideas and wants and he made sure we were happy throughout the whole process..."

Catie & Lance A.